You Would Be Surprised to See The Money Netflix Spent on These Shows

You Would Be Surprised to See The Money Netflix Spent on These Shows

The world of TV shows has changed a lot in the last decade. An I mean a lot. From the way we consume TV shows to the method of delivery, everything has changed in the industry over the last decade and one of the major players involved if not the biggest player is Netflix. The streaming giant ushered in a new era of TV and revolutionised the industry.

So, Netflix has changed the way we consume TV shows but at what cost? While it took a lot of bravery to step into this path it also took millions of dollars as well, especially to host the kind of series they host. They have some of the top-rated TV shows in the history of TV itself and it did not come cheap. So, here are the TV shows that the streaming giant spent most on.

The Crown­­- $130 Million

On top of the list is The Crown. While the exact details of the deal is unknown, source have reported that it took Netflix north of $130 million to stream the show on their service. That is a lot of money for a TV show but not a lot considering the credentials of the show. It is still unclear however whether the $130 million budget was for a single season or the whole show.

The Get Down- $120 Million

The Get Down is one of the most unpopular shows on Netflix and it comes as big surprise to learn that it is one of the show Netflix has spent tons on. With a reported budget of $120 million for the two-part first season, it is the second costliest show on Netflix. While the show was cancelled shortly after its release, it is still unclear whether it was worth the big bucks spent on it.

Friends- $118 Million

One of the most popular shows of all time, Friends is also one of the costliest shows for Netflix to host. The streaming service payed a whopping $118 million to host the show exclusively on their service and acquired the whole series itself for the amount. It comes as little surprise that Netflix spent so much on a timeless classic after witnessing the size of their cheque books.

Sense8- $108 Million

A unique show that was only recently cancelled, Sens8 is a thriller series whose popularity was only known after the outcry of its fans on hearing the news of its cancellation. The show costed Netflix $108 million a season to make and is hands down one of the best series on the service. IT seemed it was simply not feasible for Netflix to continue the show.