Streaming Wars: All the Major Players and Their Price

Streaming Wars: All the Major Players and Their Price

The world of TV as we know is about to change. It already has changed if you have noticed, but the change will be all too apparent to miss in the near future as all the major players in the show business gear up to conquer the last frontier, a frontier that is currently dominated by Netflix, streaming.

You could say streaming is the future of TV and you wouldn’t wrong about it. In another article I have published, I talk about how 2017 was the year with a lot of significance, it would be the year that TV changed forever.

I don’t mean technologically; I am talking about how the content is served to us. The biggies like HBO and Disney have all realized that traditional airing of TV is on its way out and a new way of consuming TV content has been born, thanks to Netflix.

It is quite clear now that the rest would also have to transform themselves and play catch up rather than be stubborn and adamant that things weren’t changing.

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Now it is apparent, everybody is spending billions on streaming services and content for it and it is all but sure that TV is about to change forever and for the good.

HBO is coming up with its HBO Max which will have all the GBO titles plus all the Warner Bros titles as well. You have Disney Plus, which is supposed to be the goldmine of everything Disney that have been made for decades. Even tech giants are not quite with Apple taking a slice of the pie with its Apple TV Plus.

But to get a clear view of what’s happening and how much it is actually going to cost you, I have listed all of the major players and their prices below.


The dominant force in the streaming wars, Netflix really does not have to change anything. It will cost you $9 or $12 depending on your plan.

Amazon Prime

Playing catchup in a field it does not belong in is another usual day at work for Amazon and again, it already has a hold on the field. It will cost you $9 for a subscription.

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The new entrant in the field, carrying all of its expertise and content and even Warner Bros content is HBO Max and it does not come cheap. It will cost you $15 a month.


Hulu plays a bit of the partnership game here. While it does not have the resources to take on Netflix, it still has the quality content needed to do so and it is partnering up with Disney plus to take on them. If you are just going for Hulu it will cost you $12.

Apple TV+

Contrary to its history, this may actually be the cheapest streaming service out there costing you less than $5 to subscribe. But the content is still in question however, so that $5 may still not be worth it.

Disney Plus

A Gold mine, that’s what this is. Imagine all of the content Disney ever created under one single roof! That’s what Disney Plus promises to be and if it is, it will be something else. Costing just $7 a month it will also come with option of a bundle that includes ESPN Plus and Hulu.