Reasons To Watch Will Smith Starrer Gemini Man

Reasons To Watch Will Smith Starrer Gemini Man

We all know Will Smith as a wonderful actor and amazing persona. He always selects different and intriguing scripts for his movies, from men in black trilogy to I Am Legend and Hancock to Aladdin we’ve seen Willie play vivid characters and entertain us. The latest from his movies is called Gemini Man.

The plot of the movie revolves around two assassins Henry Brogen and Jr, both the characters played by will smith. A clone of Henry Brogen much younger and skilled just like him against ageing Henry Brogen will be trying to kill him. The story rotates much between these two characters. Thanks to the high-quality CGI effects we have now, we can see younger and older will smith in the movie. Here are few reasons to book the tickets and watch this Sci-Fi thriller.

  1. Have you seen the trailer? Once you watch the trailer you can’t wait to watch the movie at the earliest.
  2. Ang Lee is the Director, The two-time academic award winner for movies like ‘Brokeback Mountain’ and ‘Life of Pi’.
  3. This movie is coming after a very long due of 20 years due to the technical specs required to achieve the scripts vision.
  4. We can see older and younger Will smith’s trying to kill each other and there’s much more to the plot.
  5. The gorgeous sexy Mary Elizabeth Winstead acts along side will smith in the movie.
  6. Last but not least, how can anyone miss Will Smith’s movies?

Anyone who have watched director Ang Lee’s movies know that they are in for a surprise in visual effects and the way he represents emotional scenes. This movie’s development began in late 90’s and rumored to cast huge actors like Harrison Ford, Nicholas Cage, Sean Connery and Clint Eastwood. Many directors tried to make the movie but they found it un filmable because of the realistic and visual effects required in the movie and no such technology was present with the hollywood moviemakers at that time. After two long decades the wait is finally over as the Academic award-winning Director Ang Lee took in charge of the project and started filming it in 2017 with Will Smith as main lead. The movie is going to get released very soon and don’t forget to grab the tickets for the first day and experience the visual treats.