Lion King 2019 Movie Review

Lion King 2019 Movie Review

Lion King is a wonderful movie. It is the remake of Disney’s Lion King. It has great details and focus on the nature. The camera takes the audience through lush green forest, furry animals, which is a great experience. It is very hard and unbelievable that it has all been shooted in a studio and nothing is real.

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The opening scene of all the animals bowing down in front of the newborn lion cub samba is a beautiful view, but not so natural. The lion in the movie can sing, really does the lion sing in real life? This movie seems to be like the animated movie of The Lion King. The animals are talking and singing but their face is not having any expression that is the point which disconnects the audience with the movie.

As a grown up simba, Donald Grover voice does not match well with the actions. The short dialogues and soothing songs like “Can You feel the love tonight” give a feeling of peace. The voice of the actors sitting behind the studio is not as much effective as it should be. The stunts in the movie feel like, a stunt being shot at a studio and not in the real place which it has been showing in the movie.

The presence of Hakunamatata has added some little comedy in the movie. There always remains a villain in the story and in this the villain are Scar, Mafusa’s brother who have their own plans and are not happy with the newborn simba. After the exile of simba, he gets few good friends, with whom simba again tries to fight for the things which belong to him and are written in his destiny only for him.

The entire cast of the film was made using CGI. The animation is better but not more than the original The Lion King. The actors are well chosen but they have a lack of connection with the character they are playing in the movie, and that can be seen in the movie directly.

For refreshment, this movie is a good choice. The kids will love the animation effect and characters. But elders may find it boring, who have seen the original movie of The Lion King. We hope that you have must got an idea of the movie, go give it a chance and enjoy your family time, but don’t expect too much.