Best 3 Cartoon Plays of all Time

Best 3 Cartoon Plays of all Time

Many of us have gone through this stage wherein we spent our time looking at the Cartoon Network. There were times where we used to throw our bag, shoes, and other things just to see the TV shows. But at the same time we even used to do our home work in time. Don’t you remember? Yes, all these are nostalgic scenario that we all have been through. As time passes, we all should accept the ageing with grace as it is a natural process. Coming to the point that there are lot of cartoons that we used to watch but only a few were our favorites. Here we will be discussing about best 3 cartoon plays of all time.


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Pokemon was one of the greatest cartoons of all time. Ash was the lead role and there were other characters also wherein, they used to challenge with their respective pokemons in their arenas. It was so much fun that time. Pikachu was one such pokemon which had the power of shooing away the enemies with electric shocks. There was one more episode of pokemon wherein the pokemons evolved to to the next level.


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Beyblade is one epic cartoons of all time i reckon. It involves lot of characters but it is interesting to watch all the episodes without miss. Tyson played a main character and we all remember “Let it Rip”. That was very much trending i feel back then. During a match, the players can choose at least three Beyblades each, but can only use one of the three Beyblades they have chosen for battle during the match. Every top possesses specific features which make it different from the other, including the color and design, thereby enabling players to differentiate them.

Tom & Jerry 

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Credits to those who found this. It is shocking to known that even now kids watch this cartoon wherein, it is a simple play between the two characters, which is actually a treat to watch. Well, it was designed and developed long back but still people watch it now. Just imagine even though it is old, it is still trending.

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