An Honest Movie Review For Families by a Former Nanny

An Honest Movie Review For Families by a Former Nanny

Summer is here. And it’s hot at night (at least where I live). But you don’t need to spend a fortune on going out to see a movie in an air-conditioned movie theater. Rather have a weekly family movie night. Pop some popcorn and sit back with your loved ones and watch a worthwhile film. Here is an honest movie review for families by an ex-nanny.

My Ice Cream Scoop Rating Chart:
1 scoop = Go do something else with your family.
2 scoops = If you have to see it okay.
3 scoops = This movie is worth watching.
4 scoops = Make time to view this movie.

Movie Title: The Paleface. Comedy. My rating: Three scoops.
This is one of my favorite Bob Hope movies. The slapstick is great. And the song Mr. Hope sings on the wagon train is a catchy funny tune. The movie takes place in the Old West. Bob Hope plays a mild mannered dentist named Painless Peter Potter, who’s not a very good dentist. He gets mixed up with a good looking gun slinger named Calamity Jane, played by Jane Russell (excellent casting choice). To gain a pardon for her wrong doing’s Jane must work as a federal agent. She poses as a sweet young thing and gets Painless to marry her. Together they go on a wagon train westwards. My favorite part in the movie is when Painless sets out to meet a town bully for a show-down. He keeps getting the instructions he was given wrong. Funny film. Introduce your children to one of the funny greats from yesteryear.

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